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  • Jennifer Howard

La Costa Lifestyle

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I always feel so joyful when I visit Omni LaCosta, for a variety of reasons. First, I am usually headed there with my lovely significant other, who reserves his main time off for our yearly trip to the coast. Second, being near the ocean just delights my soul, and I find Carlsbad particularly soothing, beautiful and fun. Last but not least, the people I feel fortunate to interact with, from the front desk agent, to the housekeeping attendant, to the gal in the spa who so made my day, take such pride in their work and go out of their way to make you feel special and cared for. I always feel such deep gratitude when I return to this place I consider my home away from home.

Omni LaCosta hotel

We checked into our Spanish Colonial style villa. The accommodations were gracious and lovely. A large, oversized patio overlooking the lush greenery and bright blooming bougainvillea delighted me to no end. The marble bathroom had a deep soaking tub and rainfall shower, complete with luxurious sicilian tangerine bath products by NEST New York. The charm of the villa was enhanced by the in-room fireplace, which was a dream to sit beside after a dip in the pool or jacuzzi.

We started off our trip with a deep exhale, having both been running for weeks, months, years, it felt like. Taking a moment to cheers to John's birthday, celebrate the successful completion of a major work project for me, and to allow any spontaneity and inspiration that might come. We could finally just relax. I put on my pretty pink bathing suit and we headed for the jacuzzi at the Garden Pools, just a few steps from our villa. The resort is practically ours. With kids not quite out of school, and restrictions just starting to lift in California, the vibe inside the gates was that of a members-only club. Occasional couples or kids around, but not many yet. This gem of a resort, a favorite in Southern California, would surely book to capacity within weeks.

The next morning, we had breakfast at Bar Traza, which overlooks the hills of La Costa and the championship golf courses. The hazy coastal mist felt good and would likely burn off after our post-breakfast walk and a little siesta. It is difficult to decide which feels nicer, once back in the villa -- the warmth of the fireplace or the cool breeze wafting through the french doors from the patio. They seem to compliment each other. After a brief rest, we head to the Edge Day Club (the adults only pool). This infiniti pool is our favorite and overlooks the gorgeous bluffs, homes, and golf courses. The temperature of the saltwater pool is beyond perfect. We spend a few relaxed hours swimming in the pool, soaking in the jacuzzi, and letting the sun warm us on the lounge. We can never pass up fish tacos by the pool, or chips and guacamole. John had a fun Ballast buzz and I had a delightful Prosecco mellow. The 75 degree sunshine and perfect Southern California breeze is indeed my favorite feeling.

Next, I was off to the spa for a late afternoon pedicure. Still feeling pampered and sun-drenched from the pool, I skipped over to the spa, feeling so incredibly grateful to have this upcoming treatment. My lovely nail technician, Jessica, invited me to choose a color from the SPARITUAL collection. I love SPARITUAL because it is a sustainable, vegan beauty brand. I chose the color, Engaged. A soft, natural pink. Jessica and I talked, and I felt that perfect Southern California breeze from the lovely large window beside me. You could smell a bit of citrus in the air as well. It is safe to say that my time at the La Costa spa nourished the body and fed the soul. When I went to check out, I met another wonderful gal named Maribel. She was so gracious and sweet. When I expressed my thanks and joy to be here on a press assignment, she said, "Oh, we are so lucky to have you," and she went on to encourage my future pursuits. I did the same in return, recognizing a bit of myself in this bright-eyed girl. Before I left, I also treated myself to the softest top and a bottle of the vegan nail polish.

As if I could feel any more indulged, my sweetie and I would go later that evening to Bob's Steak and Chop House. Normally, we head off property once or twice to indulge in some of our So Cal favorites, but given the tight turnaround on this trip, we were excited to remain on property and try Bob's. Bob's offers a lively atmosphere, fine wines, and large cuts of the finest prime steaks, chops and seafood. This place is my dream come true. John and I sat on the heated patio, beside the fire pit, while the sun was setting. The sounds of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald played as the wines and courses were orchestrated like a dance. I sipped a Central Coast pinot noir, while John's choice of red was a little more robust. Both were incredible. As were the filet mignon, grilled asparagus, glazed carrots and smashed potatoes (a Bob's specialty). I was so happy to be in the moment, with John, in a place we love so much.

The next morning, it is time to depart. Our plan is to enjoy one more breakfast overlooking the golf courses, and then head to the ocean for a little bit. Before we get the day started, I go enjoy our beautiful patio for one more misty coastal morning. I breathe it in and out. I ask myself, "What would make all this worth it?" All this, meaning a chapter that has just closed. I got really quiet and then jotted down the things I would need to do to joyfully grand jeté toward my next chapter. Toward everything that is waiting for me to show up and claim. I got clear guidance and inspiration on that quiet La Costa patio. The kind of guidance that shows up when you get honest with yourself about what sets your soul on fire. The kind of inspiration that is only unleashed in your favorite places.

Stay tuned, as this journey is just beginning.

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