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Lovely to meet you!

Welcome to Muse Media. Here you will find our published articles, communications services, literary magazine and group travel adventures.

I'm Jennifer

Jennifer Howard posing

What should you know about me? I am a writer, creator, traveler and storyteller. I have never met a luxury hotel or destination spa I didn't love. I adore Manhattan, Southern California, the Amalfi Coast and my handsome black kitty cat. I bravely walked into the halls of ELLE Magazine at age 22 and was offered a job that very night. The tagline of the #1 fashion magazine in the world was, Cherchez La Femme -- find the woman -- (the most intriguing search of all), and I've been joyfully finding her ever since.


We love to write about what inspires us. Depending on the day, it could be people, places, things, events, moments, ideas or opportunities. We might get a whisper from the muse when we’re on the plane, in the car, sipping that first cup of coffee, listening to a song, taking a walk with a friend, beginning an adventure, new pursuit or experience. We love to keep the pen moving and see what arrives on the page. We capture the essence of our muse so it inspires you too.



Check out our articles, let us know if we can lend a hand with brand storytelling or communications services, contribute to the Muse Media Press literary magazine (launching soon) or join us on one of our unforgettable group travel experiences!


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